Thursday, 19 March 2009

The new concept mobile DJs

So we all know that the development of the iPhone has allowed a blooming of apps for the phone and although I do not own an iPhone, I think it is very interesting how a new generation of developers are finding a way to create simple and quircky things.

I have recently discovered this cool gadget which isn't completely developed yet, but I know will speak loudly to the myspace generation and I believe this is just the beginning of very niche, but very cool market place for new shapes and formats of mobile phones. I specially believe that with the iPod making its way down the ladder, music consumers will require much more from their mobile phones and these in turn will be sold on their ability to store more music, buy music easily from the internet, provide better sound rates, as well as mix, remix and create new music.
The full article on this gadget can be found at:

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